The Best Ice Vending Machine for the Money

Published: 12th April 2011
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I know you wish that you would have thought of that and your second thought is did I miss the boat? The good news is that those ice vending machines can be purchased directly from the manufacturers and there are still many excellent locations where these machines can be placed. If you are interested in getting into the ice business, there are a few things to consider. The following is two of those considerations.

Ice vending machines vary in price from $35k to $150k. The drastic difference in price is generally related to the amount of ice that can be sold on demand. The largest and most expensive machines can deliver up to 200 10lb bags of ice on demand; however, in most cases, less expensive machines with 50- 70 bags of ice on demand is as much capacity as you will need. In most cases you can be in the ice business for around $50K.

When shopping for your ice business equipment, place a premium on reliability. How often your ice vending machine notifies you of trouble and how often your customers call you because of an unsuccessful transaction will determine how long you remain in the ice business. The least complicated your machine, the less trouble you will experience. For example, many ice vending machines auto-bag or pre-bag the ice for the consumer. These auto-bagging systems require a lot of service and constant tweaking. Furthermore they can become much less reliable and even more so in humid and inclement weather. Most customers empty the same bag of ice right into their cooler, so it is much better to purchase a ice vending machine the allows the customer to hang a bag and or place a cooler below the dispenser. and not just during the warmest months.

Every ice vending machine location is different and produces a different quaintly of sales, but on average few locations sell more than 40-60 bags of ice and 20-30 gallons of water per day on average, unless there is a special occasion such as July 4th. Size - 10' x 18' - 9 x 15"
Return on Investment: As previously mentioned, every ice vending machine location is different and produces a different quaintly of sales, we have heard delightful stories of machines working to capacity in superb locations; however, most are similar to an owner of 8 large ice vending machines houses in Southern US, whose gross sales average per machine is $35 per year per machine or sells approximately 64 bags per day not 800 equaling a very slow return on your investment. (ask for a retail projection workbook)
Location - If you purchase a large or Junior sized ice vending machine house the locations available for placement are limited due to the size of the ice house. If you choose a poor location, or if road other construction diverts or blocks traffic flow to the ice house or any landlord issues occur it will cost tens of thousands of dollars to relocate your ice house. Rents will be relative to size of property required.
Miscellaneous - Utility Bills, three-phase power

Options 2: Compact Ice Vending Machines
Return on Investment: (ask for retail projection workbook)
Locations: "use your imagination" Car Washes, RV Parks, Parking Lots, Convenience Store Side Walks..most places a Soda machine can fit.
Rent will be relative to size of property required.

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